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Organising a retreat, whether it's for personal growth, spiritual exploration, or collaborative learning, involves a symphony of elements – and choosing the right facilitator is crucial. I understand the nuances involved in creating a retreat that resonates with each participant, acknowledging the diverse reasons that bring people to these transformative experiences.


My approach as a facilitator goes beyond the conventional. With an intuitive understanding of group dynamics and individual energies, I specialise in creating an environment where every participant feels connected and engaged. Whether it’s a retreat for self-discovery, leadership development, or creative collaboration, my focus is on harmonising the collective energy to enhance the individual journey.


At the heart of each retreat lies a unique blend of aspirations and personalities. My role is to ensure that these diverse elements come together seamlessly, crafting experiences that are not only memorable but also deeply impactful. From ensuring the right flow of activities to tuning into the unspoken needs of the group, every aspect is carefully considered and aligned with the retreat’s purpose.


Whether you’re planning a corporate team-building event or a personal growth retreat, my approach is about enriching the journey for all involved. Let’s collaborate to transform your retreat into an impactful journey of enrichment and transformation, tailored to the distinct needs and goals of your group.

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Logo for Conscious Spiritual Leader, Tui Te Kiri’s corporate and retreat facilitation service.
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Embark on a journey of discovery and transformation with our wide array of retreat offerings. Each experience is tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of the group, ensuring a retreat that’s both personal and impactful.


Group or Individual Psychic Readings

Deep Dive into Chakra Balancing and Exploration

Guided Past Life Regression and Exploration

Comprehensive Workshops on Energy, Mind, Body, and Spirit

Astrological and Numerological Insights for Personal and Entrepreneurial Growth

Crafting Your Unique Spiritual and Personal Blueprint


Diverse Meditation Techniques, Including Crystal Singing Bowls

Reiki Healing Workshops and Individual Sessions

Rituals and Sessions Focused on Self-Care, Cleansing, and Rejuvenation

Workshops on Manifestation Techniques and Abundance Mindset


Interactive Sessions with Sacred Elements (Fire, Wind, Water, Metal, Earth)

Exclusive Women’s Empowerment Workshops

Lunar Cycle Celebrations: Full Moon and New Moon Rituals

Invigorating Cocoa Ceremonies


-  Opening and Closing Circle Ceremonies for Group Harmony

 Bespoke Ceremonies Tailored to Group Dynamics and Intentions


Mindfulness and Stress-Reduction Techniques

-  Creative Expression Workshops (Art, Dance, Writing)

Breathwork and Body Movement Sessions

Intuitive Eating and Nutritional Guidance

Vision Board Creation and Goal Setting Workshops

Sound Healing Sessions

Whether your focus is on wellness, personal or spiritual growth, or fostering creativity and connection, our retreats offer a sanctuary for profound learning and rejuvenation. Our goal is to co-create a space where every participant can explore, grow, and transform. Let’s collaborate to bring to life a retreat experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving lasting impressions and meaningful change.

A discovery call is the first and most important step towards a successful collaboration. It's an opportunity for us to explore the potential of working together, ensuring that our visions, values, and expectations align. In our focused 15-minute conversation, here’s what we'll cover:

Introduction and Understanding: We'll introduce ourselves and discuss our backgrounds, giving us a sense of who we are and what we bring to the table.


Your Mission and Vision: Share with me the heart of your retreat or event. What are your objectives, who is your audience, and what kind of experience do you wish to create?

Aligning Visions and Values: My passion lies in collaborating with heart-centered individuals and groups dedicated to meaningful, transformative experiences. If your mission is to positively impact others, we’re likely a perfect fit.


Explore Collaboative  Potential

Discussing Potential Contributions: I’ll outline how my unique skills can complement and enhance your retreat or event, adding depth and value.

Budget and Expectations: It’s essential to have an open conversation about budget. Understanding your financial parameters helps me tailor my services to meet your needs while aligning with your budgetary expectations.

Roles and Responsibilities: Clarifying our roles ensures that we understand and respect each other's contributions to the event, fostering a harmonious and effective collaboration.

Assessing Mutual Fit: This call is not just about logistics; it’s also about feeling out if we have the right chemistry for a successful partnership.

Are you ready to elevate your event with a touch of transformation and depth? Book your discovery call today, and let’s delve into creating an unforgettable experience for your participants.

Logo for Conscious Spiritual Leader, Tui Te Kiri’s corporate and retreat facilitation service.
Decorative bullet point image used for aesthetic enhancement on the webpage.
Decorative bullet point image used for aesthetic enhancement on the webpage.
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In my decade of experience working 1:1 with over 15,000 clients, I've seen firsthand the profound impact a company's culture can have on individuals. The corporate world, where a vast majority spend around 2,000 hours each year, isn't just a workplace – it's a significant part of our lives.

The ripple effect of a toxic work environment extends beyond just productivity; it deeply affects the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of employees. Transforming corporate cultures does more than enhance performance – it can dramatically change lives, and possibly even save them. This understanding ignites a fire in my soul, driving me to influence companies towards a culture of health, empathy, and community.

This passion extends to my retreats, where we focus on the health and well-being of individuals seeking strength, clarity, and growth. It’s about creating environments, whether in the office or at a retreat, where people can thrive in all aspects of their lives.



Lets succeed  together

In an era where the health and wellness movement is gaining unprecedented momentum, companies that adopt a holistic approach to their culture stand at the forefront of innovation and employee satisfaction. By prioritizing not just the mental and emotional well-being of their workforce, but also their spiritual and physical health, these organizations are setting new standards in the corporate world.

This holistic focus does more than just foster a healthier work environment; it positions these companies as highly desirable places to work. In a competitive job market, organizations that genuinely care for every facet of their employees' well-being become the top choice for talented professionals. They are not just riding the wave of the health and wellness movement; they are leading it, creating a blueprint for what a truly supportive and successful workplace looks like.

Embracing this comprehensive approach to company culture yields profound benefits: enhanced employee loyalty, increased productivity, and a reputation as a leader in employee care. It's about creating a work environment where people don't just come to earn, but to grow, thrive, and contribute to something that values their complete well-being.

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Logo for Conscious Spiritual Leader, Tui Te Kiri’s corporate and retreat facilitation service.

Let's Work


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