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Our Rising Academy

A school where empaths and intuitives can develop their gifts and spiritual or creative entrepreneurs can master business

A logo of Tui Te Kiri's school Our Rising Academy a school for empaths and intuitive's to develop their gifts and businesses

If you're ready to unlock your intuition, connect with your senses, or master a business that aligns with your unique souls purpose

then you're in the right place

Our purpose-driven brand is all about embracing diversity, celebrating uniqueness, and creating a more compassionate and just world. By aligning our purpose with the right strategies, we've created events, courses, and programs designed to help you thrive.

At Our Rising Academy, we can help you discover your soul purpose, develop your intuition, and manifest true love and a fulfilling career that reflects your unique talents and passions. We're dedicated to helping you break free from limiting beliefs, awaken your inner power, and transform your life from the inside out. If you've landed your way here then take this as a sign from the Universe, you're ready for this transformational journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and growth.

A warm, welcoming portrait of Tui Te Kiri, reflecting her approachable and empathetic nature as a spiritual guide

Why I created

 Our Rising Academy

Let me take you back to where it all began. I was 23, a single mother with a fire in my heart and a dream in my soul. The journey to founding Our Rising Academy wasn’t just about building a business; it was about crafting a better life for my daughter and me. It was about breaking free from limitations and daring to believe in a vision only I could see.

I remember those early days vividly – balancing motherhood with the rigours of entrepreneurship. Each day was a leap of faith, a dance with the unknown. But what many didn't see behind the scenes was the guiding hand of Spirit, my unwavering ally, whispering the promise of a school I would one day create – a haven for those seeking to understand and develop their intuition.

In this industry, I quickly learned that resilience is key. I faced doubts and judgments, not for my abilities, but for my youth, my appearance and the amount of clients I was attracting. Yet, I stood firm. I knew my worth wasn't in external perceptions but in the depth of my commitment to my craft and to those I served.

That's why Our Rising Academy is more than just a school; it's a testament to the belief that spiritual insight and business savvy can walk hand in hand. It's a rebellion against outdated notions, a beacon for those who dare to dream like I did. We're here to demonstrate that you can be a dynamo of intuition and still excel in the business world.

I believe in the magic we are weaving together – a magic that transcends the conventional, that blends intuition with practical know-how. We are building something remarkable, a legacy that will ripple through time and touch many lives.

This is your invitation to join this movement, to be part of this heartfelt journey to redefine what it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur. It's more than succeeding in business; it's about kindling spirits, transforming lives, and creating a future where our children, much like my daughter, can look up to us and see the endless possibilities of following one's heart and intuition.

If this speaks to your soul, and you've always wanted to connect with more like-minded people, develop your gift or your business. I invite you to head over to Our Rising Academy now.

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