About Tui Te Kiri
I am a down to earth, bubbly & fun loving Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer that likes to ‘keep it real’.  Coming from a long line Maori Seers and Healers, I began to see ‘spirits’ from a young age. 


My childhood ghost stories are not light & fluffy by any means.  In fact, the movie ‘Paranormal Activity’ was very much my reality as a kid.  So like many people in my industry, I learnt to shut out what was going on. But Spirit was determined to get back in touch.  After a barrage of messages and signs in my early twenties, Spirit got their way. 


Fast forward to 2013.  As a single mother of a six-month old daughter, I decided to launch my business in order to give her the life she deserved. To my surprise, it took off much faster and took me much further than I could ever have imagined.

Since beginning my journey, I developed my own reading style and strive to give clients the same high standard that I would want out of a reading if I were in their position; clear messages in an easy to understand way. This is what stands out most about my work and allows my clients to feel a sense of clarity, closure, inspiration and hope.


It is my aim that they move forward in their journey with a greater understanding of their power to manifest their highest purpose.

Based in Melbourne with regular trips to Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania, I have been fortunate enough to take my gifts overseas touring in New Zealand, Hollywood, Seattle and New York.


Outside of being an internationally renown Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer, I am a teacher, Reiki Master, Author, Guest Speaker, Business Owner and, not least of all, a full time Mama. This year, I am excited to be launching my own Academy to teach, empower and support Light workers. At 'Our Rising Academy' we embrace and celebrate what makes you unique, both in life & business.


Looking back now, I believe my business found me and I’ve been growing with the universal energy of Spirit ever since.

Medium VS Psychic

These two terms often get lumped together when you’re talking about either Mediums or Psychics.  In simple terms, a Medium is the middleman between the Spirit realm and the Physical one where as a Psychic is someone who sees the Past, Present and Future.  While both abilities are very different, the methods that a Psychic or a Medium can use sometimes overlap.


On a basic note, how I personally achieve this is that I receive clear visions or take on physical or emotional sensation relevant to the message I am receiving.


The long version of this is that I use the Clair abilities.  Most people know the term Clairvoyant, which literally means ‘Clear Seeing’.  These visions could be of physical traits, names, places and items of all time realms.   But there are more abilities that I use to help me give an in-depth reading.  These include:

  • Clairaudience [Clear Hearing]

This can manifest as hearing voices, music etc

  • Clairsalience [Clear Smelling]

This can include smokes, perfumes, food etc

  • Clairgustance [Clear Tasting]

Things like liquor, iron, which can indicate a mineral deficiency, foods etc

  • Clairtangency [Clear Touching]

For me this manifests itself by feeling things touching me, like the physical form of a spirit or them tapping me.

  • Claircognizance [Clear Knowing]

The best way to describe this is as the ‘just-knowing’ feeling, or gut instinct / intuition

  • Clairempathy [Clear Emotional]

I take on the emotional state of being of either the client or the spirit

  • Clairsentience [Clear Physical Feeling]

Talking on the physical sensations related to the client or the spirit.


All of these abilities allow me to connect to my clients or people on the other side on a deeper and more personal level. Through out the process, whether using my Psychic or Mediumship abilities, I work very closely with the Archangels to ensure the clarity and integrity of each session is conducted to the highest standard.  This quality ensures that each reading has the right frequency to ensure the best results.

Healings & Cleansings

By working closely with angels, I can provide spiritual healing & cleansings. For healings, my empathy allows me to feel the pain and illnesses of my clients on an energetic level, helping me to pin point areas of concern. It is important to note, that whilst spiritual healing has been known to be beneficial in some cases, you should always seek the advice of a registered medical practitioner first. I am not medically trained nor qualified to give any medical advice. Some of the services I offer are as follows:



Process of channelling energy into the patient by means of touch, activating the natural healing processes of the body to restore physical and emotional well-being


Practice that relies on the use of the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body


Process of clearing negative energy or spirits from a home


With the help of Archangel Michael, disconnecting ties releases any energy from outdates belief systems, relationships or cycles that no longer serve your highest purpose.


This cleansing goes through your property or work space to shift any stagnant energy, ensuring there is a clear energetic flow through the structure, reinstating harmony and balance. The best situations for this type of cleansing are when you are planning on selling a house, moving into a new property, trying to enhance financial flow within a business, increasing productivity or for improving staff morale.

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 With Tui Te Kiri