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How to Smudge: 4 Simple Steps

You can use this to cleanse your room, your house even your Office! White sage is great to clear negative or stagnate energy. There’s no real set time you should smudge your place or yourself, if you’re reading this perhaps it’s a good sign to give it a go, just follow your gut feeling it’ll tell you when. I recommend doing this before and after you move houses. Energetically it ‘clears the air’ and welcomes positive liveliness.

Smudging is not hard; it is really simple and really effective. This is a safe and simple procedure that anyone can follow. Minors can be in the room when you are doing this, however I don’t recommend it for their little lungs so please be mindful of how much you use. The house doesn’t need to look like there was a fire in there after you’ve finished; a single story house can be smudged in about 5 minutes.

I recommend smudging yourself too!

It’s a great grounding tool – I do this before readings or healings to ensure there is no stagnate energy around me which allows me to receive clearer messages for my clientele.