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Before I tell you what to expect from my sessions, let me share my experience from the first reading I received.  I was 18 & pretty skeptical about what this person was going to be able to tell me.  But when I walked away from that session, I was completely blown away.  Since starting my business, I have always strived to make sure that my clients walk away from our session together feeling that exact same feeling of awe & amazement that I had felt.  


After being not only a practitioner, but also a client for many readings, I have learned what I like and don’t like as well as what works and doesn’t work from sessions I have had.  


What I have learned is that not only do I want you to walk away feeling amazed, I want you to feel that I have been able to give you a high quality, unambiguous reading that is direct, honest and authentic.


I am just as passionate about helping and empowering people as I am about communicating to the other side.  So I make sure that when you walk away from our sessions you are empowered with knowledge, tools and/or resources to continue to aid you on your journey.