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Talking With Spirit

The passing of a loved one is difficult and may result in some unanswered questions:

Are they okay?

Are they in a better place?

Are they looking over me when I need them?

These are perfectly normal, my Mediumship allows me to act as a bridge between you and your loved one, giving you peace of mind. Whilst I treat both you and my work with the utmost integrity and respect, I believe in authenticity & am a firm believer in not mixing the message that I am given. This will mean that you will not always hear what you want to hear. So please be mindful of what you want to know.

So, what happens in a Mediumship reading?

The reading will begin with me profiling the spirit and identifying their relationship with you. For example, Are they a friend or family member, and if so, which side of the family do they belong to?

Each spirit has a specific personality, and they will subsequently choose to communicate in different ways whether it be through my Clairvoyance (clear visions), Clairaudience (hearing/listening), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairgustance (tasting), Clairsentience (feeling/touching). When a connection is made I will be able to relay information such as personal characteristics, physical features, specific traits and other specific information (i.e. names, dates) pertaining the spirits former self.

The above information is a way of spirit providing proof of survival. Additionally the spirit may provide information about events, which have occurred after their passing, witnessed from the other side. Spirits often send their love, thoughts and advice for your present and future.

Grieving is a natural processes and it is essential for everyone, therefore I recommend that you should wait at least 3 to 6 months after a persons passing before trying to connect with their spirit.

Just as we take time to grieve so does a spirit, it may take time for a spirit to come to terms with their own passing, just because you are ready for answers does not mean that they are ready to communicate them. There is no guarantee that the person you wish to connect with will be ready to connect.

This by no means is an indication that they don’t love or wish to communicate with you. Whist some need to come to terms with their passing, others may have already moved to another stage in their souls journey. There is no indefinite time frame that all spirits abide by.

In these cases, it is not uncommon for other spirits, such as family and friends to communicate information about the spirit you wished to connect with; providing reassurance that your loved one is safe and at peace.

All services are available face to face, over the phone or via Skype. Distance does not affect the quality of the readings.

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