New Moon Ritual in Aries

The new moon is a great time to set new intentions to the universe or create new beginnings. Each month the moon passes through different constellations and thus changing the enhanced energy to manifest new beginnings into our lives. See below for more details or
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New Moon Ritual in Aries

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24 Mar 2020, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
2C Maida Ave, Bayswater VIC 3153, Australia

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Both our Sun and Moon will be moving through the ferocious and fiery constellation of Aries. This will be a great workshop to check in and discover our strength, release our frustrations, pronounce to the world what we are celebrating and scream it all from the roof tops! This paricular new moon will be positioned very closely to Chiron known astrologically as "the wounded healer". This means that some of these wounds may come from a lifetime beyond this current one, or a karmic one that was inherited from generations before your time, commonly through family. In this ritual we will learn how to empower our self worth, how to establish healthy boundaries and respect from others by first learning how to demand it from within ourselves.

In this workshops we will be 

- Gathering with like minded individuals ready to welcome new beginnings into their lives

- Acknowledging what is currently creating pain and/or frustrations in our lives in order to transmute it.

- Discovering how to establish healthy boundaries with love

- Establishing healthy methods for dealing with that which frustrates us 

- This will be a very open, loving and non-judgemental ritual that invites people to discuss some of their deepest pains in order to move forward with so much more love and light. 

- Setting our new intentions/manifestations that we'd like to welcome into our lives. 

- Enjoying a closing/grounding meditation before leaving.

What you should bring:

- A note book and pen.

- Feel free to bring a cushion or blanket for comfort.

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    New Moon in Aries Ritual
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