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Full Moon Ritual in Libra

The full moon is a great time to celebrate or release to the universe what is no longer serving our Highest Purpose. Each month the moon passes through different constellations and thus changing the enhanced energy around this time making each ritual completely unique. See below for more details.

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Full Moon Ritual in Libra
Full Moon Ritual in Libra

Classes start

08 Apr 2020, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

2C Maida Ave, Bayswater VIC 3153, Australia

Course Content

This full moon we will be celebrating who we are and focusing on releasing anything that no longer serves our Highest Purpose. Each person may have a theme or an idea of what that looks like for them specifically. It could look like letting go of the enviroment you're surrounded in, the people, the work your currently in, old outdated belief systems/ patterns you could be noticing, everyone will have something unique to them. If you dont thats okay too! Maybe you'll discover it while you're in the ritual. 

Libra is the sign of beauty, equality, justice and harmony which is ruled by the love planet Venus. This highly intuitive air sign has a habit of second questioning their own intitive ability so will often ignore their own inner wisdom. Their need for balance and fairness can get in the way when it comes to relationships around them as they can be quiet the diplomat! On this night the sun will be illuminating our moon from the sign of Aries which is a great opportunity for us to look at the balance and equality with the relationships we have not just with others but also with ourselves. 

This will be a wonderful ritual to transmute or release toxic relationships and even more then that bringing to light what we are craving more of in the relationships we either already have or getting clearer with manifesting that special someone you may be waiting for. In this social ritual we will be discussing how we can turn up as the best version of ourselves whilst creating our own unique candle infusing it with unconditional love - just for you!

What well be doing:

- A sacred cleansing ritual tailored to the group

- Group discussion

- Releasing ceremony

- Creating your own unique candle infused with love and empowerment specifically designed for you

- Learning about the energy of this moon and how it effects us

- whilst sipping tea as we release and create!

- Grounding and closing down ceremony before leaving with your goodies!

What you will need to bring:


Just your self and an open heart.

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