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Group Coaching Sessions will be held every Tuesday @ 7:00am-8:00am AEDT for 12 weeks, beginning Tuesday, 09-Mar-2021.  These sessions will go for one hour.

Weekly Q&A Sessions will be held every Friday @ 7:00am-7:30am AEDT for 11 weeks, beginning Friday, 12-Mar-2021.  These sessions will go for between 30 to 45 minutes.


All sessions will be recorded & uploaded to YouTube so that, if for any reason, you're unable to attend, you'll still be able to watch the session back & keep up,


For the full list of dates, please see the below:


Week 01

GC:     Tue, 09-Mar-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 12-Mar-2021, 7am

Week 02

GC:     Tue, 16-Mar-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 19-Mar-2021, 7am

Week 03

GC:     Tue, 23-Mar-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 26-Mar-2021, 7am

Week 04

GC:     Tue, 30-Mar-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 02-Apr-2021, 7am

Week 05

GC:     Tue, 06-Apr-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 09-Apr-2021, 7am

Week 06

GC:     Tue, 13-Apr-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 16-Apr-2021, 7am

Week 07

GC:     Tue, 20-Apr-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 23-Apr-2021, 7am

Week 08

GC:     Tue, 27-Apr-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 30-Apr-2021, 7am

Week 09

GC:     Tue, 04-May-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 07-May-2021, 7am

Week 10

GC:     Tue, 11-May-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 14-May-2021, 7am

Week 11

GC:     Tue, 18-May-2021, 7am

Q&A:     Fri, 21-May-2021, 7am

Week 12

GC:     Tue, 25-May-2021, 7am

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